Un beau livre pour les familles, que nous espérons traduire et publier en français : Histoires de Dieu à la maison – des histoires Godly Play à vivre en famille.


When we look back and tell the story of COVID-19, I wonder what your favorite part might be. I wonder what will be most important of this unfolding story. I wonder what parts we will all want to leave out. Today, it feels like the over-anxious response we sometimes hear in our circles, « ALL OF IT! » might be the answer.

It is our hope that we will look back and recall acts of courage and kindness that, like Rebekah’s offer of water, move us deeply. And, it is our hope that the compelling need to find new ways to share stories and be in community during this time might help us learn more about how best to bring Godly Play into the digital age.

At the same time, we are already particularly equipped to nurture and equip others with the tools they need to make meaning during this challenging time. Stories of God at Home and the accompanying materials provide a way for families to come together to tell stories– the stories of God and the stories of their own families– and practice make meaning together as the story of their family and its values interact and intersect with the story of God’s redeeming love.

We have received a generous gift to allow us to share these resources at a significantly reduced cost and we hope that you will consider using and sharing Stories of God at Home with the people you know in the next few weeks.

All Godly Play Foundation in person trainings and events have been postponed or cancelled until further notice. We are already seeing many of you planning ways to meet and tell stories virtually, and we look forward to continued virtual engagement as social distancing becomes our new normal for the immediate future. If you are on Facebook, please join our newly created Facebook Group: Knowing Godly Play in a New Way.

We are holding you all in prayer and hope to connect with each of you in a new way very soon.

With hope and expectation,
The Godly Play Foundation Board of Directors